What do our Pupils think
What do our Parents and cares think
What do Head Teachers think?
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Attendance at the CornerPost Education Centre is just as important as Mainstream school. Each morning a register is taken at 9am sharp. Absentees are followed up with phone calls home – reasons recorded and passed back to home schools and County.  If attendance falls to an unacceptable level placements will be withdrawn and offered to other families.

Learning and Behaviour for Learning

At the CornerPost Education Centre we still deliver Maths and English for at least 2 hours every day. Pupils sit a weekly spelling and times table test and results are recorded to show development and attainment. Our aim is to support pupils back into mainstream education and to achieve this we need pupils to sit and complete classroom style base learning.

At the CornerPost Education Centre we operate a points system. Each afternoon we have reflection time when Staff review the day with the group and record points that pupils have gained. Individuals can earn up to 4 points for general good behaviour if the staff believe that they have been earned. Pupils can also gain a bonus point if they achieve their personal target. Personal targets are set on Fridays during one to one session where staff revisit the achievements the pupils have made during that week. Pupils are also given bonus points keeping their trays tidy and looking after their own equipment. Every 150 points children gain they are awarded a Centre T-Shirt to mark their achievement.